By Daniel Hunter

The average one-way commute of British workers is getting longer, according to research by workspace provider Regus.

Regus said the average one-way commute is now 29.6 minutes. It appears that more of us are travelling for longer, given that the average was 26 minutes two years ago.

A quarter of the 3,600 business people canvassed in Regus’ research said that their journey to work took between thirty and sixty minutes, with 15% regularly travelling for over an hour each way. Employees in large firms appear to endure the longest commutes, clocking up a one-way average of 39 minutes.

This is despite all the evidence that shorter commuting times boost employee productivity, motivation and work-life balance.

Commuting is often linked to the persistence of presenteeism in the British workplace. In a previous study, only two fifths of employees in large firms told Regus that managers in their company are being recognised and rewarded for encouraging flexible working, compared to just over half in small firms. Similarly, nearly eight out of ten respondents in large firms, and seven out of ten in SMEs, agreed that managers are most likely to consider employees arriving early and leaving late as the most hard-working.

Steve Purdy, Managing Director at Regus, said: “National Work-Life Week and Wednesday’s 'Go Home on Time Day' provide an ideal opportunity for employers to encourage healthier working practices that benefit all staff, not just working parents.

“Cutting lengthy journeys to work should be top priority for any work-life balance initiative, which means offering staff a choice in where and when they work. Our experience of helping firms harness flexible workspace that promotes a more modern attitude to work shows that there are many organisational and practical challenges to address too - but the rewards are substantial.”

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