By Daniel Hunter

Jaspersoft, the intelligence inside applications and business processes, has revealed that businesses consider Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) to have major advantages for their organisation, but are falling behind with mobile implementation.

A global survey of 500 organisations in Jaspersoft’s open source community revealed that 85 percent of respondents believe there are advantages to accessing BI tools on mobile devices, however only eight percent have deployed it so far.

The survey, carried out in May 2013, polled 500 people on their views towards Mobile BI. Fifty seven percent said they are considering deploying a mobile BI strategy, with 62 percent of these planning to implement it over the next 12 months. Forty seven percent reported that mobile applications are currently in development.

Other key findings from the survey:

· 28 percent of respondents are embedding BI into mobile applications of their own
· Dynamic access to executive dashboards and reports will have the most impact on their businesses (69 percent), followed closely by instant collaboration based on real time data (55 percent)
· 42 percent of organizations also rated the ability to create reports on-the-go as most important

“A recent Gartner report on BI revealed that more than 50 percent of mobile BI users will rely exclusively on mobile devices for insight delivery by 2015. So businesses are clearly recognising the advantages of Mobile BI, but they are falling behind with the implementation," Jim Bell, CMO of Jaspersoft said.

"With executives increasingly making important decisions on the road, it’s more crucial than ever to put data to work more quickly. More urgency is required to implement the tools that can improve operations and boost revenues, and we, in the technology industry, must do more to help organisations quickly and successfully implement BI on mobile devices.

“The Gartner report highlights the importance of providing an engaging BI solution, with ease-of-use as a priority, to ensure fast access to information and adoption throughout the organisation. It’s important to recognize that deployment of Mobile BI solutions has been a challenge. BI providers can help accelerate adoption by making mobile delivery available without requiring additional work or additional fees.”

Not surprisingly, nearly all respondents to Jaspersoft’s community survey recognise the value of delivering a mobile access experience for key reports and analysis. The most advanced customers are already putting Mobile BI to work in their organisation.

"We rely on Jaspersoft to provide an interactive view into operational data from several administrative applications utilised by faculty and administration. We require regular access to reports and dashboards in order to respond quickly to issues or strategic initiatives requiring our attention," John Kearney, Senior Director of Technology Administrative Systems, said.

"Jaspersoft on a mobile device, provides greater flexibility and timely access to our business critical data so we can respond quickly. It’s a great advantage to have the full suite of BI capabilities available on a mobile device to manage our environment anytime from anywhere."

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