By Danny Clenaghan, Managing Director, Argos for Business’

Motivated employees should be at the heart of every business throughout the year and not just after the holiday season, as a continuously engaged and driven workforce is more efficient, producing stronger results for the better good of the company. A recent survey found that 83% of people experience post-holiday blues, which could lead to a lull in the quality of work, underlining the importance of motivation throughout the year [1].

Argos for Business believes in the importance of staff motivation all year round, which is why the business will be launching National Employee Motivation Day on 29th October 2014, a day dedicated to encouraging the UK workforce to thank employees and colleagues for a job well done. Offering motivational schemes helps employees feel more valued, over and above that of their salary. This is where staff incentives come into play.

Rewarding good work encourages employees to maintain excellent standards, which in turn impacts positively on a business’ bottom line, not to mention higher staff retention. Reward and recognition remunerations should be separate to the monthly payroll, so that they are viewed as a genuine added benefit. It also pays to remember that a one-size fits all approach is ineffective, as what might work for one employee, may not for another. Providing the team with the freedom to choose their type of reward is essential.

Gift cards are a versatile tool and perfect for one off incentives when looking to create a short-term drive in production or performance. With gift cards, the problem of deciding which gifts will be well received is removed as the recipient can choose a gift to suit their needs. With 737 Argos stores nationwide and 29,000 products available, Argos Gift Cards offer choice and convenience. The fact that they can be purchased in a range of denominations also makes it easier to distribute whether you’re allocating a high or low level of spend.

Once the season for summer holidays is over, companies often look towards the Christmas period as an optimum time to incentivise and reward employees. Christmas should form part of a wider motivation drive for employees, adding to their overall sense of value within the company ahead of a new year. A survey commissioned by Argos for Business in 2013, which polled over 7,000 people about Christmas rewards, revealed that gift vouchers, rather than money, are the most desired form of employee incentive. By providing gift cards, employers can feel confident that their reward scheme ensures maximum return on investment, as they afford choice for the individual’s personal motivations. This stands a company in good stead with an employee before their hard work starts again in January.

When looking to change staff behaviour or motivate in the long-term, an ongoing rewards programme can have positive results. For this, Argos for Business offers reloadable Rewards Cards, which can be created with a company’s own branding. The Rewards Cards allow employers to reward employees on a regular basis or when they reach business or individual goals, with a denomination of their choice, usually decided against performance. This flexibility is also extended to the employee, who can purchase exactly what they want equal to the value on their card, or even save their monetary rewards in order to buy more valuable items. Knowing that any collected money will go toward a more valuable item is a great motivator in itself and staff are likely to repeat the process throughout the working year.

Argos for Business makes motivating and rewarding staff incredibly easy to implement and manage, meaning that incentive systems can be offered all year round without fuss. The many benefits of gift cards particularly stack up and their growing popularity is evident in the industry’s worth, which currently stands at around £5bn per year (source: UKGVA) and is only set to increase.

For more information about Argos for Business, please visit www.argosforbusiness.co.uk. For more information about Employee Motivation Day, please visit https://www.facebook.com/employeemotivationday or https://twitter.com/NatMotivateDay

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