Gavin Meikle, Head Of Learning And Founder Of Inter-Activ

Time management is increasingly becoming a real issue for many organisations. As redundancies and recruitment freezes bite ever harder, the people left are expected to get more done in less time. Effective communication between team members can have huge efficiency pay backs..

The other day I was running a leading and motivating teams course and I was delighted to see that one of my delegates had previously been on an assertiveness skills course 2 months previously. During the day she told us the story of how she had transformed the efficiency of her team as a result of one of the ideas she had learned on the course.
The problem was that her hard working team were all very “busy” but key tasks were still not getting done.

Her solution was simple. She started having short daily team meetings first thing each morning to identify the priority tasks for the day and who was doing them. She found that there was initially a lack of clarity as to what really constituted a priority but that, by encouraging her staff to discuss their priorities, the whole team started to have a shared understanding of what really were priorities.

After a couple of weeks, the daily meetings were reduced to weekly ones with no reduction in their effectiveness.

How well do your staff understand what really is a priority? Don’t assume, challenge them to justify their task prioritisation and see how quickly the results come.

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