Allan Biggar, Chairman of All About Brands:

My name is Allan Biggar, I am chairman of All About Brands Plc. We are an international marketing services group based out of London with offices in Mumbai, Kiev, Moscow, Istanbul and Abu Dhabi. We have got 230 odd employees around the world and our agency covers everything from advertising through content creation, through digital, through sports marketing to public relations.

How can 'Brand UK' be repaired after the riots?

The events of the last few days has really done a lot of damage to brand UK but I think we shouldn't get it out of proportion. There is a lot of goodwill for brand UK, we are a well respected business community, a well respected tourism destination and really as long as we don't let this take hold and as long as we readdress this quickly then rebuilding brand UK will not be an easy process but it is certainly a doable process. To do that we obviously need law and order restored to our streets and we need to make sure that the government is really conveying the right messages to inward investors, to consumers and tourists coming to the UK. Britain is open to business, it is a safe place to be. London isn't burning from top to bottom, these are confined local incidents and they are under control. People believe things if the messages are credible so as long as we can back that up with real examples of things getting back to normal and as long as there are no more images of burning cars on our streets then getting back to business will be a relatively easy thing to do.

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