By Daniel Hunter

The booming information economy is helping to kick-start the UK’s recovery. And with its ‘pay-as-you-go’ hosted technology, communications and cloud computing specialist Qubic is offering services that can help businesses grow quicker and free them from the heavy financial commitments of in-house IT infrastructure projects.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has upgraded its predictions for growth in the UK during 2013, to 1.5 percent, as opposed to the 0.8 percent that was previously predicted, demonstrating that the recovery is gaining momentum.

Increasing demand for Qubic’s services reflects the brightening economic outlook as companies attempt to capitalise on the latest IT advances without large capital expenditure projects. As the recovery gains traction around the country the company expects further business to result.

“A hosted solution can help encourage start ups and SMEs in general to grow as it means that businesses can use technology on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis as opposed to tying up cash in a server with a telephone system which costs a fortune," Chris Papa, Managing Director of Qubic, said.

"Hosted technology can help by streamlining these companies’ operations and making them more efficient, in particular those who have limited resources in terms of staff and capital. Using hosted technology to create efficiencies can actually save costs and allow companies to operate far more effectively. As the economy recovers smart businesses are making use of the latest in innovative technology without the burdensome capital overheads traditionally associated with leading-edge technology.”

Confidence is increasing in the UK and IT service providers are playing a vital role in helping companies to expand quickly and become more agile. As well as minimising the ongoing costs associated with managing and installing IT systems in-house, the infrastructure provided by Qubic allows rapid expansion with IT resources allocated and available, often in a matter of minutes.

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