For much of this year, I've been writing down a few of my thoughts and feelings when I'm working from home. Over the next few days, I'm going to pick out three particular days and let you in on how home working works for me - what I enjoy about it, what I find challenging, you know the kind of things.

I work from home quite regularly, for various reasons. But in this first account, I'm recalling a day spent working from home during the summer.

As people who work from home what they think of working from home and most will say they feel more productive. I always feel like I'm more productive at home. But this particular day was probably my most productive yet. It was a beautiful day, so I decided to work outside. I live half way up a mountain in South Wales, so I'm surrounded by beautiful greenery. I was up nice an early, sat out on the bench with my laptop, music playing, a few crumpets for breakfast and a light breeze in the air.

I'd suggest that being outside helped to avoid some of the distractions that people would normally associate with working from home. There wasn't a TV screen calling my name, nor a PlayStation luring me in. I don't have children, so that wasn't a problem, either! I was fully content with sitting out in the garden in the warm, but fresh, air, working hard to complete my day-to-day roles and more.

On that basis, I really can't pinpoint any challenges. Perhaps my bum getting a little numb on the hard, wood seat after a little while. But that was nothing a quick break and little walk around the garden couldn't cure! I think for those whose permanent basis is their home, having lunch could be a problem. Although I enjoyed making use of a fully stocked kitchen, an oven and the hob - I ate my lunch whilst working. I regularly eat my lunch at my desk in the office, but I'm suspicious that it would become a more frequent occurrence if I worked from home all the time.

I was certainly more productive than at the office, and more productive that ever before at home. If you get the chance to enjoy the sunshine when working from home, I thoroughly recommend it!

By Jonathan Davies, editor, Fresh Business Thinking