By Maximilian Clarke

HM Revenue & Customs sparked fresh outrage after announcing their plans to plug a £7bn tax void by targeting small enterprises, and fining those with incomplete records £3000.

Commentators bemoaned the hypocrisy of HMRC’s strategy, which seemingly ignores the multi-billion tax deficit created by larger enterprises, including the alleged £25bn owed by Goldman Sachs alone, whilst targeting vital smaller businesses at a time of continued economic turmoil.

Lee Perkins, the managing director for Sage UK’s small business division, commented on the drive, blasting it as ’shameless fundraising’:

“The HMRC’s Business Records Checks initiative simply increases pressure on the UK small business community at a time when many are being forced to take pay cuts to secure the future of their companies. The actions of HMRC are in direct contrast to the Government's stated commitment to support UK SMEs (small to mid-sized enterprises) by cutting red tape and despite receiving widespread criticism from small business groups, it is unacceptable that HMRC will continue to push ahead with the programme until at least the end of the financial year.

“If small businesses are indeed the engine room to drive the UK's economic recovery, they must be provided with conditions for growth, rather than increased regulation and costly bureaucratic processes.

“Sage UK provides software and services for over 800,000 UK businesses and the pressure that this shamelessly fundraising initiative places on our customers and the UK’s recovery is both unjustified and unnecessary.”

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