By Maximilian Clarke

Pollution across the UK is responsible for as many as 30,000 deaths a year, an Environmental Audit committee report recently revealed, as the UK government persistently falls short of EU regulation on air quality.

Reacting to the report, Mike Tuffrey, Liberal Democrat London Assembly spokesperson, says the report calls for swift action to bring down levels of airborne pollutants including switching busses and taxis to electric vehicles.

"This latest report on air pollution confirms the scandalous situation facing the UK and especially London.

"Air pollution is one of the most serious public health issues that we now face. It is vital that both the Government and the Mayor take action before thousands more people are sentenced to having years taken off their lives.

"The Coalition Government was right to cancel the Heathrow third runway, which the last Labour Government was totally set upon. However the Government now needs to go much further and put in place measures that will have a real effect on tackling air quality.

"Equally the Mayor of London must now stop relying on minor measures which merely treat the symptoms of pollution, such as dusting down streets and encouraging green walls, and instead directly tackle the causes of air pollution. We need action to ensure that the most polluting vehicles are removed from London’s polluted roads.

"The case for a Berlin style Clean Air Zone for central London and a big switch to electric buses, taxis and vans has never been stronger."

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