By Claire West

French President of Hertz International, Michel Taride is the latest high profile commentator to take part in the Foreign Office’s series of short films about modern Britain.

These films have been made to showcase the best of Britain to the world in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Mr Taride said:

“Like a lot of American companies, Hertz elected to locate the international head office in the UK. I think the UK has a lot of strengths which are appealing to companies.

“Britain is also what we call an important source market … it’s an important source of business for us. I think it is a country where retail is almost like an art and a science at the same time.

“I find UK people very pragmatic, very much looking forward to this new world which is moving so fast. They are very internet savvy. That makes the UK really attractive because you can apply what you do and what you learn in the UK to other geographies.”

Mr Taride points to the significant skills and expertise available as well as the extensive knowledge of global markets as the key reasons why he can successfully oversee the international division of Hertz from the UK.

As a Frenchman responsible for expanding the global reach of Hertz, Michel is well placed to offer his verdict on what attributes Britain possesses which sets it aside from other parts of the world. According to Michel, Britain has a distinct mix of people and the open-mindedness of the British public contributes towards its success as a central hub for business.

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