trump inequalityI’m not an aficionado of films but one line that comes to mind in the run up to the US election is from Flash Gordon when his girlfriend cries “Flash I love you but we only have 14 hours to save the world”. I think we’re close to this predicament now.

And from these shores we are about as powerless as Dale was to derail Emperor Ming the Merciless from his plan to destroy the Earth. But we Brits do have one weapon for which we’re renowned: our creativity especially our wit and sarcasm. I wonder if this re-working of a popular nursery rhyme can penetrate the Lightning Field 3,000 miles to the west?

Hillary Clinton had a hunch

That she could get to the White House

Off she went (without Donald the Trump,

Trump, Trump, Trump).

Hillary Clinton lost first time

Cos she got beat by Obama.

President planned a healthcare event

Bump bump bump.

Eight more years

She danced to the Democrat band.

When Hillary led the big charade

She looked so proud and grand.

Then came tricks

Her server to perform

The FBI looked her straight in the eye

And she cowered in the storm.

Electorate had been hurting

For a long time

It woke one night in a financial fright

And thought to make them pay.

So Cruz, Bush et al they hit this bump

And primaries looked like a circus.

Low they went led by Donald the Trump

Trump Trump Trump.

Hillary Clinton packed her trunk

And roundly beat Bernie Sanders

Off she went to meet Donald the Trump

Trump Trump Trump.

Hillary Clinton emptied her trunk

In fighting to be POTUS

Can she win and dump Donald the Trump

On his rump?

Sometimes rational argument is not the right approach. Especially when there’s an elephant in the room.

By Malcolm Durham, co-founder of WealthBeing and chairman of FD Solutions