Halloween (2)

Classic Halloween frighteners are more than an easy way to while away a few hours. Classic frighteners can offer valuable lessons for small businesses.

Don’t hide from your problems

If the Hammer Horror films are good for one lesson it is that tackling problems head on – like Peter Cushing’s hunter to Christopher Lee’s vampire – is the only way to ensure the survival of your business.

Time can be of the essence: a small issue can quickly grow – like The Blob – and solutions don’t have to be complex, much like in the practical Barbra’s strategy to simply walk away in Night of the Living Dead.

Be confident in your own instincts

Sometimes you know that something is wrong (or right) but getting others to believe you can be challenging. Much like Bruce Campbell in the Evil Dead Trilogy, you should be prepared to argue against those you suspect are wrong and go it alone if needs be

However, be aware that, like Christopher Walken in the Dead Zone, a single-minded obsession with doing the right thing can leave you isolated and have serious repercussions.

Be sensible in your ambitions

Innovation and inventiveness can the fuel for prosperity. But towering ambition can quickly become disastrous without a reality check. The amazing scientific advances in The Fly and Dracula are both undermined and fast forgotten as bodies begin to pile up.

Don’t overlook preparation

A lesson clear from every zombie and vampire film ever. Agility is always important but taking care of the basics is vital to ensure long term survival (of your business in a hostile economy and yourself against hostile monsters).

By Sam Campbell, Head of Customer Insight, SwitchMyBusiness.com