By Daniel Hunter

More than half of full-time workers in the UK have suffered 'burn out' or anxiety at work, leaving them emotionally or physically exhausted, according to research from Virgin.

Virgin said that with 51% reporting burn out or stress, a worrying picture of the British workplace is painted.

Almost a quarter (24%) said their job has a negative impact, or very negative impact, on their home life. Those aged over 55 were the most likely to have their home life affected (29%).

The research also found that women were more likely to complain to friends and family about their job than man, with nearly three-quarters (74%) of women and 59% of men admitting to having a regular moan.

Highlighting the impact on home life, Virgin found that more than a quarter (28%) spend more time with their colleagues than anyone else - the most populous answer. Thirteen percent said they spend most of their time with family and just 4% with friends.

Amy Leaper, Head of People Innovation at Virgin Management, said: “The growing incidence of high stress levels and exhaustion at work is a real concern. The challenging economic environment has in many cases resulted in the pressure to do more with less, so employees experience ‘burn out’ when the demands of work become too much. We are now living in a hyper-connected world which also means that people really struggle to switch-off and work frequently spills over into personal life.”

She added: “Employers need to recognise the importance of employee wellbeing and our Virgin Disruptors debate will put this under the spotlight. There are many ways, often at little expense, that companies of any size can help to bring balance to workers lives.

“We know that a happy, healthy workforce is a more creative and motivated workforce, which is ultimately better for business performance. The first steps are listening to your people about what would make the biggest difference and reviewing existing benefits to see how they can be flexed to give people options and best meet their needs.”