By Max Clarke

Careers consultancy firm the UK Knack Group has announced the gathering in the Granite City of more than 30 captains of industry for a summit meeting on renewable energy.

Energy Minister Alex Salmond was at pains to point out that Scotland’s offshore energy capacity could create 50,000 jobs in the next 10 years and inject somewhere in the order of 7 billion pounds into the economy.

And with yesterday’s announcement that a new multi-fuel carbon-capture-and-storage plant would create a further 1,860 jobs in Hunterston, Scotland; the importance green technologies in terms of employment and energy provision will continue to grow.

The UK Knack Group says he could well be right: “On a per capita basis, Scotland’s renewable energy sources are 10 times those of England.

“Scotland is ideally placed to become the green powerhouse of Europe. It’s estimated that the country has one quarter of the continent’s wind and tidal energy, plus a tenth of its wave-power resource, and that’s an awesome bag of stats.”

Scottish parliamentarians are getting serious about the issue of conservation, and, in particular, “diminution of the carbon footprint”. They have lately proclaimed a number of renewable energy schemes that they hope will contribute to achieving these aspirations.

The UK Knack Group announced last week that the government had approved a 200 million pound energy efficiency project that it hopes will create enough electricity to power almost 40,000 houses; just prior to that release was the news that Bristol-based firm Marine Current Turbines had presented plans for a 35 million pounds tidal energy farm that was intended to provide energy for as many as 4000 houses.