By Daniel Hunter

Graduate salaries could reach record levels in 2015 for those who gain their degree this year.

The typical salary for someone graduating this year will be £30,000, according to the 10th annual Graduate Market study.

Following its meteoric rise in popularity over the past year, Aldi is one of the highest paying companies outside of the City, with its trainee managers being paid £42,000.

The study found that nearly a third of graduate jobs at the UK's top 100 employers pay a salary of at least £35,000.

It also suggested that students graduating this year were heading into a "buoyant" jobs market, with the most opportunities available since 2005.

“This substantial increase in graduate vacancies for 2015 takes graduate recruitment beyond the pre-recession peak in the graduate market in 2007, and means that there will be more opportunities for this summer’s university leavers than at any time in the last decade,” the report, compiled by analysts High Fliers Research, said.

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