By Daniel Hunter

The multi-billion pound business services sector is being urged to come forward and identify regulation they think stands in the way of economic growth by Business Minister Michael Fallon.

As part of Government’s Red Tape Challenge, from today (21 September) businesses and the public are invited to go online and identify ways that ineffective, burdensome or unnecessary regulation adversely affects growth in the business-to-business services sector.

Using the feedback, Government will then look at ways that regulation can be improved or removed entirely from legislation - making life easier for firms working in industries such as accountancy, management consultancy, architecture and recruitment.

Business Minister Michael Fallon said:

“Reducing the number of rules and regulations that apply to business is absolutely central to the Government’s vision for Britain, removing barriers to economic growth and increasing competitiveness.

“By opening the Challenge to the wider business services community, we hope to hear from as many people as possible on whether they think a particular regulation affecting the business services sector is badly designed, implemented or simply a bad idea for their business, sector or all their clients.”

Sir Michael Snyder, Chair of the Professional and Business Services Group, said:

“The Professional and Business Services Group welcomes the focus of the Red Tape Challenge on business services, a vital part of the British economy that is responsible for millions of jobs and valuable export earnings.

“The UK needs a smart regulatory environment that provides adequate protections while minimising the burdens on businesses and individuals.

“The Red Tape Challenge offers a good opportunity for those of us with practical experience of the impact of regulations to provide useful feedback to the Government and we look forward to contributing our thoughts on improving the regulatory system.”

Business service providers and their clients are invited to give examples of how the existing regulatory regime either adversely affects or supports their operations within the business-to-business environment.

Views are also being sought on a number of the business services regulations governing the private security industry, marketing and internet privacy, and some professional qualifications in the business services sector.

The Theme forms part of Government’s ongoing effort to tackle red tape and boost growth and jobs in the economy. It follows the announcement last week by the Business Minister that Government plans to scrap or overhaul over 3,000 regulations currently on the statute book and to introduce rules so that shops, offices, pubs and clubs will no longer face burdensome health and safety inspections.

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