By Maximilian Clarke

The government has lost its appeal to overturn a lawsuit that deemed its cutting of the solar feed-in tariff ‘legally flawed’.

The government cut the tariffs, which guaranteed owners of solar panels returns far exceeding market rates from electricity sold back to the national grid, as the popularity of the scheme rendered it unsustainable.

The government has vowed to pursue the legal case; a decision Britain’s foremost business lobby considers unwise.

“The judgement should be used to draw a line under this saga, which saw the Government scoring a spectacular own goal and confidence in the renewables sector undermined,” commented John Cridland, CBI Director-General.

“We must bring certainty back to this high growth sector. Looking to the future, the Government should guarantee the rate applicants will receive earlier in the process, for all the technologies covered by the feed-in-tariff, to give buyers the confidence to proceed.”

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