By Ben Simmons

A successful husband and wife team, who started a successful online business from home after redundancy, are urging the Government to do more to educate people on how they can make money from self-employment in order to reduce unemployment figures and boost the UK economy.

With rising unemployment and many aspiring graduates unable to find work, Greg and Fiona Scott, authors of ‘Living a Laptop Lifestyle’, believe that there are countless opportunities to generate money from business which can be started from home, but many simply don’t know how to do it, or where to start.

Fiona Scott spent over 22 years as a Chartered Accountant and her husband Greg had a background in web development for large corporations. Since deciding to set up their own business following redundancy, they have gone on to develop and launch two online products and have built over 150 websites for their customers.

“The current education system teaches nothing about being self-employed, instead it focuses on becoming an employee. It makes sense, therefore, that the government needs to do a lot more to equip people with self-employment skills and to educate people to be entrepreneurial," says Fiona. "This applies to Mothers who could earn an income working from home to support their children and reduce the crippling costs of childcare. It also applies to beneficiaries who could operate from the comfort of their own home — as we believe that a simple mindset change can improve their self-belief and their self-worth.”

Getting in front of potential customers is really only a click away too, with sites like, which advertise thousands of freelance jobs daily. According to recent research by PeoplePerHour, the average rate for work on the site is £44 per hour and there have been over 123,000 jobs posted to the site.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, CEO and Founder of adds:

"In the last 12 months, our user numbers have more than doubled. Every day, millions of people globally are recognising the lifestyle and financial benefits of freelancing and starting businesses from home using freelancers. The main driver of this trend is technology: it's now so fast and easy to jump online and find work, often across continents. In the next five to ten years, we foresee that over half the workforce in the Western world will work this way."

“What is clear is that for savvy people who are prepared to grab the bull by the horns and embrace change, there are huge opportunities available via the Internet,” add Fiona. “We know that the main barrier to success is knowledge, which is why more people need to be educated in how to generate their own income from self-employment. We want to inspire anyone who believes they're not entrepreneurial — particularly those who face the threat of redundancy, or those who are currently supported by the Government. We want to make them realise there is an alternative. Being made redundant or being jobless can be a perfect opportunity to explore and investigate making money legitimately online and starting an online business’.”

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