By Marcus Leach

Business secretary Vince Cable has announced that government plans to block websites that host copyright infringing material are to be scraped.

Mr Cable made the announcement following a policy review by Ofcom, the telecoms regulator.

"We've discovered that the drafting of the original laws, which took place a year or so ago, were not tight," Mr Cable told the BBC.

"There are test cases being fought in the courts, so we're looking at other ways of achieving the same objective, the blocking objective to protect intellectual property in those cases, but in a way that's legally sound."

The change in law comes as the government accepted all ten recommendations in the Hargreaves Review, including the legalisation of 'ripping' music from CDs for personal use.

"We are talking about big changes," said Mr Cable.

"Bringing the laws more up-to- date to have a proper balance which allows consumers and businesses to operate more freely, but at the same time protect genuinely creative artists and penalise pirates."

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