By Daniel Hunter

The Cabinet Office have revealed damning new data that shows the government award just 12% of contracts to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The government will be quick to point out that this is an increase from the previous set of data, where that number was just 7%. But given that their target for this particular focus is 25%, they are still a long way off where they want to be.

Despite these figures Liam Maxwell, director of ICT futures at the Cabinet Office, stressed that the government are committed to supporting the nation's SMEs.

"We are doing more with SMEs," Maxwell insisted, saying that helping smaller firms to grow was the quickest way to raise tax and National Insurance revenues.

"We also want to commit more to SME engagement because we get better deals.

"There was one supplier where we thought did X and they said 'we do Y' and Y was 20 times bigger than X," said Maxwell.

SMEs also struggle to work with government due to its 300 different platforms, he added.

"We should have a common platform to allow smaller businesses to invest in government," Maxwell said.

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