By Jonathan Davies

The chief executive of News Corporation Robert Thomson has called on the European Commission to take tougher action on Google, claiming it is a "platform for piracy".

In a strongly worded letter, Mr Thomson said "the shining vision of Google's founders has been replaced by a cynical management".

He described Google as a "platform of piracy" whose power "increases with every day".

Google, which is embroiled in a long-running dispute over competition issues, says its takes a strong stance against piracy.

Mr Thomson's letter, addressed to Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia, said that if Google's so-called dominance isn't challenge, it "will lead to a less informed, more vexatious level of dialogue in our society.

"The intemperate trends we are already seeing in much of Europe will proliferate."

Speaking to the BBC, a spokesperson said: "We thought it was a crucial moment to weigh in.

"We are pleased with the new direction that the Commission will be taking, that there is a more thoughtful approach to Google's practices."

NewsCorp said its newspapers, including The Times, The Sun and European version of the Wall Street Journal are unfairly disadvantaged by Google's scale.

"The uniqueness of news sites has been undermined by aggregation of content which transfers the front page to the Google home page.

"Readers have been socialised into accepting this egregious aggregation as the norm."

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