By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

If you are as interested as we are in performance enhancing, results busting SEO listen up!

Google are adding more content to their search results.

Currently in only English and Japanese if you search for a film or a TV, now Google provides more information on who starred in it, who it was directed by, where you can see it, ratings and reviews.

Search for TV programs and you will find specific links added to help consumers locate specific episodes too. Google want to help you find your favourite TV show so you can catch up on the latest or kill some time with an old favourite.

You may remember that back in March, Google allowed you to star your favourite pages. Now this has too has been extended to local results.

So if you plan a trip today and you find sites that you really want to visit when you are there, all you need to do is star them.

Later, when you are on your trip, or continuing further research, those local sites will pop up when you search by location. Either on your PC or your mobile, so it seems Local search knows no bounds and continues to be an area of development.

Truly, Google is really working hard on user experience and no doubt the gap will widen between them and their competitors as the user friendliness - a key component of online business stability becomes increasing critical to mobile users in particular.

If you notice, all these additions enhance their video offerings and make take-up and usage easier and faster.

All these developments and Google’s mobile experience in Japan coupled with Google’s Android operating system and the sheer number of enhanced, larger, faster more reliable handsets is starting to cement Google’s position in Mobile.

These announcements mean that access and mobile search usage is set to hit a large growth curve which has serious opportunities in SEO and Pay Per Click and Social Media.

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