By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

Google claims its new technology is set to make advertising work more effectively for advertises by orders of magnitude.

They are not just talking about growth of 5 or 10%, but they are targeting double or triple in size.

According to Google, Display advertising as we know it today will be unified and known simply as advertising.

Google plans to make life for publishers even easier with a unified platform that manages all the different formats, lengths, and sizes in a snap.

Their main objectives are to deliver new standards in video advertising specifically for the purposes of connecting buyers and sellers.

Their planned Total Revenue Management is destined to maximise ad revenues every time a web page loads.

Its dynamic allocation technology is emerging that maximises direct 'house' sales with third party inventory.

It is claimed that this will meaningfully increase publishers ad revenues.

The increase in magnitude will be born out from the multiplier effect of not just these two technology improvements.

With more openness, allowing third party producers to access the same systems plus increased insights and controls everything is going to be 'display'

So, everything is set to continue to grow, get more sophisticated and be easier to manage.

It looks like that with higher volumes we should see higher margins for publishers and increased success for Google.

Watch a video of David White talking about Google's new display advertising.

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