By Steve Baker, Chief PPC Analyst, Epiphany Solutions Ltd

Google have recently released a new toy into Adwords. It’s only on limited release in the USA, but it looks like a good one, so expect it to appear on an advert near you soon.

It’s called Call Metrics, and if you generate a lot of phone calls from your Adwords adverts, it may of use to you.

Google uses its Google Voice technology (also only available in the USA, so maybe it won’t be appearing quite so soon!) to assign a unique phone number to each campaign. With this number, you’ll be able to track which campaigns have been generating your phone calls, and adjust your bids accordingly.

It’ll be free for the moment, though Google are talking about billing for it in the future. Of course, this kind of thing is nothing new — companies like AdInsight have been offering unique phone numbers that can be assigned to different Adwords campaigns (as well as organic search, referrals or direct visits) that can be displayed on your website.

Still, this is an interesting development — allowing you to include phone numbers on your Adwords adverts without losing the transparency of using multiple numbers.

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