By Daniel Hunter

As the EU suggests bringing in boardroom quotas for women, a new poll reveals that one in three females prefer a male boss.

The survey, conducted by, found that of the 800 women polled 35% would prefer to work for a male manager.

The majority of respondents (59%) said had no preference either way but just six per cent of women stated that they would prefer to work under female leadership.

Reasons cited by respondents for preferring a male boss included less office politics, more relaxed working conditions and an improved focus on goals and objectives. Other suggested that a mixed gender team brought more balanced decision making.

Paradoxically the vast majority of the women polled (85%) expressed a desire to hold management positions at some point in their career.

The poll also revealed a distinct favour towards older bosses with just over a quarter (27%) preferring a manager of roughly the same age and a mere nine per cent happy to work for a manager younger than them.

“It is very interesting to find that women would rather have a male boss given the choice. A staggeringly small amount of women said they would prefer a female boss, which is a particularly interesting finding," a spokesperson for commented.

“An increasing number of women are holding senior positions in companies, so the impact this will have on office dynamics is going to be a fascinating phenomenon to observe in future.”

One of the few women who stated a preference towards a female boss commented: “I’d much rather work for a woman than a man. In fact I think it’s quite insulting to suggest that a woman working for a female boss would somehow automatically lead to handbags at dawn — this simply isn’t the case.

“I would go as far as saying that women definitely make better bosses but when the girls are in charge testosterone-fuelled office politics goes out the window and the task in hand actually gets done.”

Another respondent stated: “You know exactly where you stand with a male boss. Disagreements are aired openly, and office conflicts are left where they belong - in the office.

“All the female bosses I’ve worked for suppress disagreements until they turn into a screaming match at a later date.

“Sometimes I think female managers overcompensate and are often more confrontational than their male counterparts, which is not a desirable trait in a boss.”

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