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Gianluca Angelici is the co-founder at FindTheRipple, which automates social media marketing in real-time. They are listed on The Fresh Business Thinking Shift 100, MAdtech edition in association with KPMG Small Business Accounting.

Can you briefly tell me about your business?

I’m co-founder at FindTheRipple, the solution that automates social media marketing in real-time. In fact, we created an AI-driven bot that helps marketers in generating personalised and timely content based on target audience trends. It automates most of the tasks that are usually done manually, optimising the effort of marketing teams and generating great engagement results. For example, the bot alerts the user as soon as a new trending topic emerges in their target audience, inverting the typical dashboards approach, where the user spends too much time analysing and searching for relevant information.

What’s your advice for entrepreneurs just starting out?

I would highlight three main points:

1) Be ready to tell your story: people buy people, it is always true but it is more important at the beginning of a venture.

2) Be prepared about your proposal, be quick in doing things but choose the right timing. Choose the best people to work with.

3) Be resilient, this journey is like a rollercoaster, fast paced and loads of ups and downs.

How has marketing and advertising changed over in recent years and What do you think are the future trends for MAdtech?

New ubiquitous, penetrating and intelligent technologies completely disrupted the way the industry works. And it will continue changing again over the next few years because of improvement of technologies.

What is still very important as is the importance of and centrality of content: timely and relevant for a target audience. It is still the best way to engage with consumers.

But now with available Big Data and Artificial Intelligence based technologies it will make everything more personalised and engaging for the user. Technologies as FindTheRipple can indeed support marketers to quickly and efficiently discover and engage with from their target audience on social media. We do that automating boring processes and timely recommending how to engage with the customers on

The future will always be more about data driven automation of repeating tasks and boring processes. Marketers will have a central role, they will be the creative layer of the stack.

What are the challenges marketers are facing today?

I guess the main challenge is about embracing innovation. There are a lot of great start-ups out there - such as the ones of the #shift100 list – and a lot of brilliant people working for brands and agencies that would like to try something new that potentially disrupts the way they work.

But often innovation is blocked by the structure of the business itself, not by people. It’s hard for a mouse to collaborate with a T-REX. Often corporates have very long decision-making processes and procurement teams that not aligned with start-ups needs: it makes the collaboration very hard. But there are a few great examples of organisations that adopted new models to embrace innovation and to start collaborating with start-ups. The first one that comes to mind is the Unilever Foundry and the great job that the guys are doing there. Our collaboration Unilever has been amazing: smooth, agile and generated great results.

How is your business helping customers (or clients)?

With FindTheRipple we’re helping marketers to automate their digital marketing campaigns, making them completely data-driven. Our solution is able to detect engagement trends in social media and can recommend how to engage with a target audience. Our product’s last version is a chatbot that talks with the customers alerting them about emerging engagement trends and how to engage with the target audience about a specific trend

The marketers’ benefits are time and effort saved and more time for creativity, great impact on a target audience, and sound advantage on the competition.

Do you think customer behaviour has changed?

Sure, it has changed. Customers are continuously communicating and are available to receive inputs in any moments of their journey, but their attention span is shorter than before. An easy example of the big change is that customers are less influenced by TV and are more influenced by what a critical mass says. All this makes everything different compared to the old audiences and implies a completely different approach from the marketing and advertising perspective. No more broadcasting, always more continuous interaction and personalisation during the customer experience.

What are your plans for your business over the next year?

The ambition of FindTheRipple is to offer a technology that will be able to support brands, agencies and publishers to proactively engage with their target audience in several kinds of media. FindTheRipple will be the benchmark of AI-driven content generation to attract a target audience.