By Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Those of you running a business will at some time hit what I call a wall. When you hit the wall it is as though nothing will go right for you, as though everything is conspiring to make you fail in your enterprise.

Having been there several times during my business career, I know it’s not a good place to be. It is of course challenging, but frightening and confusing too.

Hitting a wall usually comes out of left field, totally unexpected and unplanned for, be that losing an important order, losing a key member of staff, or the bank withdrawing your finance. Wherever you turn, it appears that nothing you can do or think of can help you get out of the situation.

It is at these times that there are a number of things I draw on to help me through:

1) Passion. In my book the only antidote I know of to fear is passion. So draw on your reserves of passion.

2) I always remind myself that after the midnight hour, dawn approaches. You can get perspective in daylight hours.

3) I have always had something which is my mantra to help me through difficult times. It’s a piece of music called “I Am Going all the Way” by Sounds of Blackness.

This is a really uplifting, heartwarming and motivational Gospel sound. But I may now change my mantra after my daughter, Scarlett, who is, by the way, responsible for The Black Farmer’s Daughter brand, wrote a poem for a school project and dedicated it to all the Olympians and Paralympians taking part in London 2012. But I think this is a wonderful poem which is motivational especially at times when we hit that wall.

The Race

Have space to win your race with steady pace
Winning is staring you in the face

Don’t lose your pace, you can win this race
Have faith you can win, don’t give in, you will win

The cheer and ovation is your motivation
Soon you will have a standing ovation just keep up your motivation

You’re a demonstration of determination
You’re not far from your destination, no need for hesitation just concentration

You’ve won your race; you’ve finished the chase and you did it with grace.

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