By Jonathan Davies

Germany has rejected Greece's request for a six month loan extension.

Germany rejected the request despite the European Commission describing it as "positive" just moments earlier.

Greece was not asking for an extension of the current bailout programme, which would extend the current austerity measures.

But a spokesperson for the German finance ministry said it was "not a substantial proposal for a solution".

On Monday, Greece rejected an offer to extend its current €240bn (£178bn) bailout, describing it as "absurd".

Instead, Greece wants to keep the country going for around six months while it seeks a permanent solution to its debt crisis.

The current bailout programme is due to run out on 28 February, and it's believed that government would run out of money in a matter of months.

Germany is Greece's biggest opposition in its attempts to re-negotiate the terms of its bailout package. The recently elected Syriza party won the election largely on its pledge to not pay its bailout debt in full, and to end austerity in the country.

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