By Jonathan Davies

A German judge has overturned a ban on one of the services offered by Uber.

The controversial alternative taxi firm had seen its ride sharing service, UberPop, temporarily banned in Germany. But Frankfurt Regional Court Judge Frowin Kurth said taxi companies had waited too long to be granted an emergency injunction.

The German Taxi Association is set to appeal the decision.

The key issue in this battle is the regulation of Uber. Uber, its drivers and supporters claim that traditional tax drivers are afraid of competition from a modern company. But traditional taxi drivers say that Uber is not bound by the same regulations and therefore should not be allowed to operate.

"The taxi industry accepts competitors who comply with the law. Uber does not," the German Taxi Association said in a statement.

Uber reacted to the news, saying: "UberPOP is revolutionising transport in cities and beyond by helping to create smarter cities with more transport choices.

"Demand is so great all across the country that we expect to double in size by the end of the year and plan to bring Uber to more and more cities across Germany."

Taxi drivers across European cities included London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Berlin have held protests against Uber. London cab drivers protested against Uber's services, claiming they broke Transport for London's rules.

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