By Daniel Hunter

Generation X is the driver behind UK enterprise, according to new research from the Post Office.

The Post Office found that Generation X, the term used to describe people currently aged between 45 and 54, is responsible for the largest amount of startups with 37% of Gen X setting up on their own last year.

The study showed that 30% of Generation X entrepreneurs said they have turned to self employment to work in a field they are genuinely interested in. Just under a quarter of those surveyed said they believed self employment would provide greater financial reward that their previous job and salary.

Nearly half of Gen X men (46%) said they started their own business to be their own boss. But the flexibility and freedom was the most popular answer among Gen X women (48%).

Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, said: “It’s exciting to see that it is the more seasoned Generation X professionals at the heart of UK SMEs, using their skills and experience to run their own business."

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