By Jonathan Davies

Labour leader Ed Miliband has told celebrity campaigner Russell Brand that he is "wrong" about politics.

After Mr Miliband was photographed leaving Brand's house, it emerged the comedian had interviewed the Labour leader for his YouTube channel, The Trews.

Russell Brand challenged Ed Miliband on the effectiveness of politics and issues like tax avoidance.

Brand has regularly encouraged people not to vote and lead a political revolution. He told Miliband: "The reason I have never voted in my life is that I think it does not matter."

"You implied... no change happened [as a result of politics]. That's just wrong," Miliband said.

Brand pressed the Labour leader on why no bankers had been jailed over market-rigging and over HSBC's conduct. Several banks have been fined over manipulation of foreign markets and interest rates, while HSBC was found to have helped hundreds of customer to avoid tax through its business in Switzerland.

Mr Miliband said: "Of course, if there's fraud committed by bankers that should happen. But there's a bigger issue than that, which is how you have a banking system that works for ordinary small businesses... for customers who need the help."

Brand also challenged the man aspiring to be the next Prime Minister about the proportion on tax on a person's income compared to the amount of tax paid by big, multinational corporations.

Miliband said that "of course" it was politicians responsibility to act, but he stressed that it's not "easy in a world where capital and companies are mobile. You have to have a government which is willing to say 'there's something wrong with this and we're going to deal with it'".