By Jonathan Davies

With election day looming, we're taking a look at the pledges being made by the parties that will affect you, the UK's businesses.

With the polls open on Thursday, if you're undecided you might just want to take a look at how your business could be affected after the general election. Or perhaps you'll be swung a pledge you haven't seen before.

Here is the Scottish National Party small business manifesto:

Late payments

The SNP has pledged to crack down on late payments suffered by small businesses by pushing for measures like the Prompt Payment Code to be made law.

Air Passenger Duty

Nicola Sturgeon's party wants Air Passenger Duty to be devolved to Scotland. It says devolution of the tax would boost Scotland's tourism sector.

High speed rail

The SNP would call for an extension of the HS2 rail network to Scotland, including a high-speed line between Glasgow and Edinburgh.


The SNP has pledged to increase pressure on the UK government for more funds to allow a faster roll-out of superfast broadband to homes and businesses.

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