By Daniel Hunter

As the UK heads to the polls, the next government must do everything they can to support fast-growth companies or risk damaging the economy, a founder of one of the UK’s fastest growing tech company has warned.

The warning comes as a new report revealed that UK technology firms’ hiring has a reached a record high despite the industry reporting slower growth in business.

The tech sector employment index rose to 57.8 for the first three months of the year, up from 55.3 for the final three months of 2014, according to the tech sector UK business activity index published by consultants KPMG and financial information firm Markit.

Paul Statham, CEO of London-based technology company Condeco Software, said: “It is vital that the next government does everything it can to empower businesses with access to the skilled workforce they need to fuel expansion, regardless of who is in power.

“It is looking increasingly likely that the new government will be a coalition and it is imperative they do not take their eye off the ball — they must focus on nurturing talent and supporting innovative businesses to drive growth if the UK is to remain competitive on the global stage.

“Fast-growth businesses...offer the UK so much in terms of growth and job creation, and mid-size businesses now contribute £165bn to the UK’s GDP, up 33% in five years."