By Jonathan Davies

A Labour government would end long-term unpaid interships, Ed Miliband will say in a speech today (Friday).

The Labour leader will describe them as a "scandal" and will pledge to ban unpaid internships that last more than four weeks.

Under a Labour government, businesses would be forced to pay at least the minimum wage if interns spend more than a month at the company.

He is expected to say: "In this country, if you want a good job in a highly prized sector, you're often asked to work for free, often for months on end, sometimes even a year.

"It's a system that's rigged in favour of those who can afford it."

Ben Lyons, co-founder of the campaign group Intern Aware, praised the pledge. He said: "The current chasm between twenty-somethings who can afford to work for months on end for free and those who can't is bad for social mobility, bad for business and bad for Britain."

But business lobby group, the CBI, said that the policy would reduce the number of opportunities available.