By Marcus Leach

Despite an apparent u-turn in July by the Payments Council the future of the cheque book still seems uncertain.

Original plans to scrap cheque books by 2018 were discarded last month, however, there is still a chance cheque would 'wither away' according to Age UK.

Given the advancement in technology when it comes to making payments there is a fear that the out-dated method of paying by cheque will lead to the end of the cheque book.

However, banks said they will continue to issue cheque books as long as customers needed them.

When the plans to scrap them were announced there was an outcry from various organisations representing the elderly and others who rely on cheques.

"Confidence in cheques was seriously undermined when the guarantee card was abolished. We need to know there are definite plans in place to restore trust in them otherwise cheques will simply be allowed to wither away and their demise will be blamed on lack of demand," said charity director Michelle Mitchell.

"Cheques are too important to many older people to just fade away, particularly as the banks and building societies have not come up with an alternative payment system which is safe and accessible and allows people to maintain their financial independence."

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