By Marcus Leach

News that fuel tanker drivers have voted in favour of strike action has been met by disappointment from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

Unite the union have confirmed that drivers have voted in favour of taking strike action in a row over terms and conditions and safety.

The government, who are rightly concerned at the effects the strike could have on the country and its economy, have moved to ensure disruption is minimal.

A contingency plan involving army drivers has already been spoken about, and will, if needs must, be ready to deploy. However, John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said that the decision is disappointing.

“This vote should disappoint us all. Disruption is in nobody’s interest at this critical moment in the recovery," he said.

“Our roads are vital for the health of our economy, delivering 83 per cent of all goods in the UK, and 70 per cent of employees to work.

“Drivers have voted for a strike, but each employer and Unite should now get back around the table to discuss the issues raised. Going ahead with strike action would have a real impact on people across the country.”

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