By Daniel Hunter

A fresh set of talks aimed at averting the proposed fuel tanker drivers' strikes will take place today (Tuesday).

Acas, the conciliation service, will once again chair the latest round of talks, which will centre around drivers' working conditions.

Both sides returned to talks on Monday for the first time since the Unite union rejected previous proposals.

As it stands, the union must, under employment law, make a decision today whether or not they will go ahead with the strike action.

"I am encouraged that the parties are still positively engaged in the process. Talks will reconvene this morning," Acas chief conciliator Peter Harwood said.

Unlike before, when panic buying of fuel spread throughout the country, the belief now is that if the strike goes ahead there is a back-up plan in place.

In keeping with the original contingency plan, Prime Minister David Cameron suggested on Monday that enough Ministry of Defence personnel had been trained to ensure that at least 60% of the nation's fuel supplies could be provided in the event of a strike.

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