By Maximilian Clarke

Friday is upon us once more, and once more it’s time for Fresh Business Thinking’s roundup of the more significant stories from the business week.

Monday 31st: UK businesses increasingly looking overseas for growth
UK firms are reassessing their recruitment process in order to obtain the skills they need to expand overseas. Research from HSBC suggests as many as 9 in 10 businesses see opportunity abroad, as doemstic demand remains subdued.

Tuesday 1st: UK GDP growth accelerates
A brief ray of light shone on the UK’s economic outlook on Tuesday, after the Office for National Statistics confirmed a half a percent jump in the UK’s GDP for the third quarter.

Wednesday 2nd: Gender equality and economic competitiveness in ‘direct correlation’
The World Economic Forum grabbed headlines on Wednesday after publishing research that showed a strong positive correlation between equality and economic competitiveness among countries.

Thursday 3rd: UK construction sector surge masks further challenges
The UK’s powerful construction sector increased its monthly growth index far more than had been predicted. Good news for the 2 million employed within the sector, but not good enough to calm the fears of economists who anticipate imminent declines as the eurozone drama unfolds.

Friday 4th: Consumer confidence rise fails to cure retail woes
Consumer confidence has risen, but not by enough to be matched by similar increases in consumer spend. Retailers remain constrained, and the British Retail Consortium have even described a spending recession.

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