By Daniel Hunter

The Government is failing to acknowledge the widespread British technology company talent across the country, despite figures announced which highlight that 77 per cent of British tech companies are based outside of London, says Elizabeth Gooch, CEO and founder of British technology company, eg solutions.

It was announced this week that British companies that sell their products or services mostly online have seen revenues grow 50 times faster than GDP growth in the last three years.

“Internet companies and British tech start ups are fuelling the economy, with great potential for expansion being driven by small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)," Gooch explained

“British tech companies are one of the few groups of firms that are key to growing the economy and support needs to be given to ensure that this growth continues to encourage the economy back on to its feet.

“There are some fantastic initiatives out there, including Google’s Campus concept for fostering tech startups in London, which yesterday announced that it had exceeded all expectations in its first year. However, what these initiatives and government programmes are failing to acknowledge, is that only 23 per cent of British tech companies are based in London, but tech companies are experiencing growth country-wide.

“There are so many resources, funds and support programmes being pumped into companies based in London, yet the majority are based elsewhere in Britain.

“Large organisations, providing support and funding for the British tech industry and the UK Government both need to realise the potential outside of the south east. Staffordshire, where eg solutions was established, is a fantastic example of another tech hub within the country, but on the whole, the talent in this area and beyond the walls of London is not being nurtured, and it is not receiving the support it deserves.

“More emphasis needs to be placed on British talent as a whole, because it’s something as a nation we should be pretty damn proud of.”

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