By Daniel Hunter

Elizabeth Gooch, eg solutions plc chief executive officer, believes that overseas organisations ought to look further than the M25 when it comes to setting up internationally in the UK, following hot debate over the City’s outreach to Indian businesses this week.

Gooch, an advocate for eg solutions’ base of Staffordshire as a hub of growing British technology businesses, says that although ploughing money and initiatives into homegrown business is crucial to the growth of the economy, we need to look further than Tech City.

“The notion that the UK is reliant on the City of London to contribute to economic growth is a blinkered view; one only has to look at the contact centre industry in the North West, or to Staffordshire — where eg is based — where there are hundreds of British technology businesses thriving,” Gooch said.

“These are the areas outside of London that are flying the flag for British technology, like us they are Little British Battlers.

“Last year we hosted a ‘Digital Staffordshire’ event hosted by Staffordshire County Council and the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and this attracted support from local MPs to promote Staffordshire as a hub of technology talent. In bringing the local IT community together in these areas of the UK thriving in particular industries, we can harness skills, education and Government support to create a better future.”

eg solutions has recently signed a strategic partnership and reseller agreement with customer contact and enterprise workforce optimisation solutions technology company Aspect Software, which is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. eg’s market-leading back office optimisation technology was selected by the software giant to create a complete end-to-end workforce optimisation solution, to offer a single solution to manage work and optimise resources both within and between the front and back office.

“The USA is a good example of nurturing these ‘tech hubs’ where the business world doesn’t begin with Wall Street and end with Silicon Valley. We need to be proud of Great Britain as a wealth of talent and innovation, beyond the South East, and perfectly placed as business partners to expand and grow overseas operations,” Gooch concluded.

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