By Daniel Hunter

A new study from Caxton FX has shown that over half (52%) of the participants are influenced by the local cuisine when choosing their holiday destination - highlighting the growing rise in food tourism as a major trend for 2014.

The pre-paid currency card specialist surveyed over 1,000 travellers to find out about their holiday spending habits and discovered that 1 in 2 Brits (49%) will spend more on eating than they will on getting to and staying at their destination.

Enjoying local food and drink is becoming one of the dominant ways that Brits interact with a local culture. While 14% of people said that they spend most of their budget for a holiday experiencing tourist attractions and going on day trips, a staggering 53% said that eating out in local restaurants was an essential part of experiencing the local nuances while abroad.

Top tourist destinations tend to have unique gastronomy that is rooted to their origins, and this research proves that Brits are some of the most experimental and gastronomically curious of all Europeans, putting food as a consistent factor that contributes to a good holiday.

James Hickman, Managing Director of Caxton FX commented: “A city break is a great way to experience a new culture, and enjoying the local cuisine is one of the most popular experiences. If your time in a destination is limited then visiting local restaurants can provide a unique insight into the culture, even if you’re not able to see all the sights. Our research has shown that food tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors for the discerning traveller.

“For people hoping to save money on a short break, a Caxton FX pre-paid card is a great solution for managing your budget. It allows you to pre-load the amount you have to spend so that you don’t go over your budget, as well as letting you check your balance and top up your card online or via SMS.”

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