By Daniel Hunter

England’s qualification for the World Cup in Brazil is expected to result in increased staff absences when the tournament kicks off in June.

During the last World Cup in South Africa, Absencecare, which helps firms monitor staff absence, said unplanned time off jumped 42.5% on the day of England’s World Cup group match against Algeria.

Andrew Millard, of Citrix SaaS Division, said: “Absenteeism is really bad news for SMBs, hitting productivity hard and major sporting events like the World Cup can be a cause of headaches for bosses.”

“There are sure to be mass requests for annual leave around the World Cup, but if companies plan ahead and allow their staff to work flexibly, with a contingency plan in place, they do not have to be taken by surprise.”

Secure, reliable and cost-effective tools are already being utilised by thousands of business in the UK. This allows them to stay competitive and ensure there is no loss of productivity — which should be noted ahead the World Cup.

“It is not only for patriotic reasons that we are recommending bosses allow their staff to watch the England games,” Millard added. “A well-managed strategy will benefit both businesses and their staff.”

The World Cup is predicted to boost the UK economy by £100million as supporters get behind the national team and spend more cash on BBQs, alcohol and merchandise.

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