By Christian Howes, head of solutions engineering at Webtrends

With the rise in mobile apps and content delivered on personal devices, mobile analytics are becoming increasingly important tools for marketers to understand their customer base. With all the buzz around mobilising content, what does the marketer need to know to make sure the investment meets their objectives?

1.It’s important — Sounds obvious, but there is no point in having a mobile strategy if you don’t make any effort to monitor how successful it is. Mobile analytics produce plenty of insightful data, and it’s important to make the most of it, take the time and effort to analyse what the data is telling you.

2.Don’t get blinded by the numbers — Mobile analytics shouldn’t just be used to see return on investment (ROI) — mobile apps are still a new market and people are feeling their away around the whole medium — it’s essential that people don’t forget about customer experience, which is the true test for any brand.

3.It’s not an island — Mobile analytics shouldn’t be viewed in isolation of what you already do. Brands need to think about mobile apps, how people are using them and whether they are really adding value to your business. If you don’t they can be a burden instead of an opportunity.

4.The data is out there — There is a lot of data about mobile usage already out there, and it’s worth marketers donning their research caps and doing their homework. The stats speak for themselves — nearly a third of Facebook’s users access the site on a mobile device and people who have apps on their iPhones spend on average £400 a year purchasing items through apps — representing a huge potential market for marketers. As long as they think about their mobile outreach carefully.

5.Mobile apps aren’t the be-all and end-all — Before you go down the road of needing mobile analytics for an app you’ve just spent £50,000 commissioning, take a step back and look at existing traffic to your website. What is driving these visitors to your website and where are people coming from? By looking at this data you may realise that developing an app may be the wrong move and instead a mobile website may be the most effective and often simpler thing to do.

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