By Claire West

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) has awarded its prestigious Payroll Quality Partnership (PQP) accreditation to five organisations in March 2011. Newly accredited businesses include: the Automobile Association (AA), Cable and Wireless, North Bristol NHS Trust, Staffordshire Shared Business Services and Warwickshire County Council.

The PQP accreditation scheme was launched in July 2007 to provide a best practice standard for performance management in payroll, encouraging organisations to maintain professional competence while enhancing and developing payroll skills and knowledge.

Mr Lindsay Melvin, Chief Executive of the CIPP, said: “The impressive number of organisations that have recently become accredited is a testament to the payroll industry’s drive towards to upholding the highest standards. They have all successfully demonstrated their commitment to their respective payroll departments’ professional development and I commend them for the time and dedication that they invest in their staff.”

Barry Browning, Payroll Manager at the Automobile Association (AA), said: we are absolutely delighted to receive the PQP accreditation. It underlines how committed we are to the achievement of best practice in the development of our payroll team. We will continue to enhance the processes we have put in place to ensure that accreditation is renewed year after year. I am very proud of my team, they have the qualifications, knowledge and skills to demonstrate to our internal and external customers that as payroll professionals we are committed to provide the highest level of value and service”.

Cable and Wireless Payroll Manager Jan Weatherspoon, said: “Working with the CIPP over the past 18 months has re-assured me that we are working with all the right processes and have also identified room for improvement. Receiving the PQP accreditation has been a real confidence boost and has allowed me to advertise to the rest of the company just how professional we are, giving my team some well deserved recognition”.

Gill Gardner is Head of Shared Service at Staffordshire Shared Business Services, she said: “I am very pleased that the Payroll Quality Partnership award has been made to our Employment Services team - it recognises and confirms the reputation it has for the training and development of its staff. NHS employees and their employers in Staffordshire can be confident that this award demonstrates a professional approach to the delivery of our payroll services".

Fiona Chamberlain works for North Bristol NHS Trust and is Head of Payroll, she says “The Payroll Team at North Bristol NHS Trust are delighted and proud to have been awarded the PQP accreditation from the CIPP. This has been a great effort from the Payroll team and I am immensely proud of the work that has been input to achieve this award. As a department we always strive to achieve an accurate and quality payroll service, this accreditation provides us with evidence that will give The Payroll Team the recognition of this both within our Trust and externally, and are looking forward to the continuing development of the Team”.

Warwickshire County Council’s Payroll Manager Jaspal Heer, said “We provide payroll services to a diverse group of organisations comprising of approximately 32,000 payments each month. Achieving PQP accreditation from CIPP means a lot to the payroll services team. This award have given us the confidence we are heading in the right direction and underlines our professional approach to our customers"

For further information about the PQP accreditation scheme, please visit www.cipp.org.uk.