By Marcus Leach

The Office for National Statistics will release the latest unemployment figures later today (Wednesday), and indications are that the number of those seeking employment continues to rise and there will be a decline in both long-term jobs and temporary contracts.

Yet employers are not necessarily in the happy position of being able to pick and choose their ideal candidates, because — bizarrely - there are also skills shortages in key sectors including in the financial, accounting and financial services sector.

This is where Financial Skills Partnership’s new online careers portal Directions leads the way, benefitting employers and jobseekers alike. It is a new online easy-to-access one-stop-shop offering clear and independent information in the form of job profiles of over 70 roles in the sector, which covers financial services, finance and accounting.

It also allows those seeking a career in the industry to click through to real current vacancies with employers and apply directly online for work placements, internships, apprenticeships and graduate traineeships.

“We know from first-hand experience and our strong relationships with careers advisers and teachers, that young people are confused as to where to start to find out about career opportunities," Liz Field, CEO of the Financial Skills Partnership said.

"Directions enables young people to obtain first-hand experience of the world of work in our sector. They get to access the opportunities that our sector can offer, understand the skills and behaviours that our industry wants, and build crucial relationships with their future employers.

“Directions acts as an entry point to work placement and advancement into the industry and will help facilitate a quality and diverse sector workforce for tomorrow. Employers can reach a number of interested potential candidates, and young people can find out about opportunities in the simplest, most direct and up-to-date way.”

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