Who is that to the right of Attila the Hun?

Nigel Farage has called the rise of the far right deeply scary.

There are those who think Nigel Farage is situated to the right, not necessarily to the right of Attila the Hun, but out there somewhere, maybe close to the views held by Mrs Attila. And yet he is worried about the far right.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show, the first indication that the former leader of UKIP was getting concerned occurred when he called the Austrian Freedom Party, which may well form the next Austrian government, after the last election that was subjected to ballot box controversy is re-run, a hard right party.

Meanwhile, Farage says that the Hungarian government, headed by that nice Victor Orban, which is shortly holding a referendum on the banning of all refugees into Hungary, is, saying to Angela Merkel, "we will not pay for your mistakes."

But when asked by Andrew Marr if the development of the right in Eastern Europe makes him nervous, Mr Farage said: "yes... Some of the movements that have sprung up are pretty scary. “

He said that for all the debate about Brexit it may well be that the EU won't exist, the row between Germany and Eastern European countries over migrants and quotas “I think is the most serious crisis the EU has yet faced.”