By Arnab Dutt, Managing Director of Texane

There are many different things that make a strong export product but there is no sure-fire checklist to follow.

One of the first things to bear in mind when it comes to exporting from the UK to the US is the importance of the ‘Made in Britain’ brand. Many UK businesses overlook this but a Made in Britain brand adds a new dimension to products and many see it as a quality guarantee.

Many American businesses begin with the default position that they want to buy from other US companies, so your company needs to develop a compelling offer in terms of functionality and service that American businesses are not able to source at home.

The UK is well respected and looked on favourably in the US business community so make sure you fly the Made In Britain flag – metaphorically at least – and take full advantage of the available goodwill and trust built up by the British businesses that have successfully marketed across the Atlantic before you.

The next critical point to ensure is the importance of developing personal relationships with your potential customers when conducting business in the US. Try and find a common ground. Find out what each of your customers is interested in. They’ll really appreciate you going that extra mile and a really good relationship will lead to repeat orders.

Price is another important factor. The US are very price conscious to the point where they will often just go for the cheaper option. This is why it’s so important for British companies to make sure the quality of their products is of the highest standard as well as offering great service so that US companies will see that they’re getting the whole package. Stress the importance of good quality products explaining how they will be cost effective in the long run, lasting far longer than cheaper lower quality products.

There are many factors that can help UK businesses crack the US market but the above factors are just some things to bear in mind. Exporting has its challenges, and exporting to the US has some particular ones, but even in its relatively subdued current state, it is such a massive market, it’s worth the effort to get it right.