By Jonathan Davies

Eurozone finance ministers meet in Brussels today (Friday) for vital talks in an attempt to solve Greece's bailout crisis.

Greece yesterday formally requested an extended six-month loan, without the austerity restrictions of the current bailout programme. But that was rejected by Germany.

The existing bailout deal ends on 28 February and without any new agreement, Greece is likely to run out of money.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras won the general election in January largely based on his pledge to end austerity in Greece and not pay its bailout debt.

Greece was hoping that the proposed six-month loan extension would have given it enough time to find a permanent solution to its financial crisis.

On Thursday, a Greek government source said there are "just two choices: to accept or reject the Greek request. We will now discover who wants to find a solution, and who does not".

Any agreement must be unanimous.