By Jonathan Davies

One of the UK's top investment fund mangers says the eurozone isn't viable in its current form.

Neil Woodford said the concept of the eurozone is "fundamentally flawed" and expects "stresses and strains" over its economy to continue and rise.

"In a very simple sense pretending that Greece was Germany is a fundamental error," he told BBC World News.

Mr Woodford, who set up his own investment company last year, also said he believes that the UK's membership with the EU could adversely affect the UK economy.

The country's relationship with Europe has become a hot topic ahead of the general election, which is now less than two months away, and the Conservative party is offering an in-out referendum on the EU, if it wins the election. And, only once David Cameron has tried to re-negotiate the relationship.

Mr Woodford said: "The likelihood of a referendum, I think, will put a brake on external investment, international investment in the UK... it will create uncertainty."

Neil Woodford made a name for himself during a 25-year career at Invesco Perpetual, with a keen eye for long-term investments. But he left the company last year to set up Woodford Investment Management.