By Marcus Leach

The Prime Minister David Cameron will join other EU leaders for an Informal European Council session today (Monday) — an extra summit to discuss growth and competitiveness.

Following on from his speech to the World Economic Forum last week, the Prime Minister will reiterate his message to EU leaders: that Europe needs to take bold action to stimulate growth, restore Europe’s competitiveness and create jobs. The Prime Minister will stress that European leaders need match difficult decisions being taken nationally by being bold collectively at EU level.

In the run up to the European Council, the Prime Minister has been pushing this agenda with a number of European leaders — Rutte, Kenny, Monti, Rajoy, Barroso, Van Rompuy and Merkel — who agree on the need to do more.

Leaders will also discuss the treaty on the European Stability Mechanism and the President will seek agreement on the new ‘fiscal compact’ treaty.

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